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Welcome to Oakdale Interiors, we are happy to have you in the family.  Oakdale Interiors was born from a passion for making people happy and comfortable in their own homes.  We believe your home should reflect the love, personalities and character that makes it home.  Everyones styles are unique and we at Oakdale Interiors pride ourselves in helping you reflect yours with the highest quality care and design. 

If you are ready to call a new house home, let us stage your current home so you can get top dollar.  Our stellar, and cost efficient work has helped homeowners sell quicker with more money in their pocket.  


We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs.  However we love tailoring a design vision for you even more.  Contact us today to start exploring how we can turn your dreams into reality!

  • Interior Decorating

  • ​Home Staging

  • Color Consultation

  • Redesign

  • Flooring Consultation

  • Furniture refinishing

  • Full customization to you and your wants!


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